We are a future ready company yet we have a clear vision of future and strong aim to deliver the best services from the next generation cloud era.

We are a future ready company and next generation of human recourse agency. We don’t only take skill requirements but the tangible requirements of projects. We take the responsibility, hire the resource, get the job done, and deliver within the time frame.

We hire recourses via our sophisticated cloud services. The money we save is the overheads of infrastructure and energy and unnecessary upgrades. We provide services as professional solution providers at the price closer to the risky freelancing. Some work from our resources is shown in our portfolio.

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Our analytics covers Matlab 2012, SPSS v20, Excel based solutions

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce covers popular frameworks and custom CMS solutions.

Mobile Apps

Expert force of iPhone, Android and Symbian developer.

Online Trainings

Latest online training setup to one to one, one many trainings.

"Customize modules for a stock control system have been developed. Ebay store has been linked with APIs for automatic stock synchronization" www.adclothing.com

"A dashboard for the exported data for the learning solution to view and map progress of students on the attendance and other parameters." unpublished source

"A product showcase with functionality to customize and delivery and embedded solution company" www.getxpert.com/adroits

Expertise and Skills

Visual Studio 2012


+44 7737 243345


We are hiring please send your CVs at contact@icloudera.co.uk